Verona Lamiere wants to be a point of excellence in sheet metal working, carried out by the use of advanced technologies and specific technical skills. We are able to solve complex projects from a technical, productive and logistical point of view.
Thanks to the latest generation machinery and specialised personnel, each order can be traced - from design analysis, right up to delivery of the end product.
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The quality of a product means the ability to create products or services which include features that fully meet the customers’ requirements.

Making quality products also means having the highest level of respect for the health and safety of workers and the surrounding environment.

This also means reducing costs and development time, refining production processes, and in essence, working towards “Continuous Improvement”.

This is the philosophy embodied by Verona Lamiere LLC’s work, starting from the assistance in product design, choosing the most suitable types of material and technologies, and continually carrying out rigorous quality checks during each stage of processing up until delivery.

Top achieved qualifications

  • Quality: EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • Safety: EN ISO 45001: 2018
  • Welding: EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 + EN 15085-2: 2008 CL1
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • EcoVadis Sustainability Rating 2021

Next steps:

  • Environment: EN ISO 14001: 2015

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Our certifications



In order to meet the needs of customers, the organisational structure of Verona Lamiere is as follows:

  • A technical-commercial structure who along with the customer, analyses the product, studies and optimises the production cycle, prepares a quotation
  • production structure based on the needs of the customer plans the production by coordinating internal activities, external processing and delivery methods
  • staff functions: Procurement, QEH&S, Administration, IS


Each new project is carried out step by step according to a Project Management operation to guarantee the correct execution of all the different steps. The Project Manager coordinates the various tasks to be carried out with the support of the Technical Leader and Logistic Leader.


Project Management

The increased complexity of products, services and decrease in time to market and margins are among the factors that make Project Portfolio Management a necessary system for business development. In addition to these factors, the growing need for strategic alignment, overview, communication, sharing, and cross-functional projects all contribute towards prioritising the importance of Project Management.

Project Management is not only a set of practices, but also, and above all, a way of collaborating. Taking all of this into account, Verona Lamiere LLC has introduced the systematic use of the WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE (WBS), the tool at the heart of project management.

Through systematic, monitored and optimised processes and an effective communication system, Verona Lamiere LLC is able to manage even the most complex projects through specialised skills and management tools.

Lean production / Sim production / Obeya

Companies aiming for a high level of staff involvement need to structure frequent coordination meetings in order to connect the operational base with Management (Bottom-Up) and vice versa (Top-Down). This allows for the timely, systematic and effective management of critical issues and activities for improvement.

For Verona Lamiere as a company, structured meetings represent a targeted approach, aimed at achieving objectives and customer satisfaction for the end client:

  • monitor and comment on daily performance trends in production areas through key indicators and highlight critical issues (stand-up meeting-SIM).
  • plan corrective actions and activities for improvement within tasks where staff collaborate with each other (Staff Meeting).
  • managing and monitoring the progress of production projects (Obeya Meeting).
  • sharing results and defining improvement strategies within Management (Management Committee).

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management includes the planning and management of all activities involved in research, supply, conversion and management of logistics activities. It is based primarily on forecasting, planning and coordinating the flow of goods and expectations of the end customer.

Today, as far as Verona Lamiere is concerned, Supply Chain Management forms an integral part of the customer satisfaction process. This process helps to ensure the correct execution of orders within set deadlines, managing any logistical anomalies by keeping in constant contact with the customer and suppliers. In addition, it allows for any potential internal production issues to be detected in advance by communicating with the Functional Manager and Production Manager, and therefore putting forward the best way to manage orders.

Verona Lamiere S.p.A.
Via G. Pascoli, 46 – S.S. 434 Km 9
37059 – Campagnola di Zevio (VR) – Italy
Tel. +39 045 8738311

Partita IVA IT 0207910 023 2
Cap. Soc. € 500.000,00 i.v.
REA Verona n. 215976

Verona Lamiere S.p.A.
Via G. Pascoli, 46 – S.S. 434 Km 9
37059 – Campagnola di Zevio (VR) – Italy
Tel. +39 045 8738311

Partita IVA IT 0207910 023 2
Cap. Soc. € 500.000,00 i.v.
REA Verona n. 215976

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